Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Hydraulic Manifold Lifting 

In this blog post we'll discuss the difference of lifting a structure using a hydraulic manifold and hydraulic cylinders versus bottle jacks.  Most homeowners or business owner have no idea what the term hydraulic manifold means or how a manifold works.  The use of a manifold allows you to control hydraulic fluid into each individual pier location during the final lift and gives the foundation repair specialist a much better overall lift and better results.  Most structures settle more in one particular area than the other.  Therefore, you would typically begin lifting in the lowest spot and work towards the least effected area with the least amount of slab deflection.  Once you achieve a positive measurement you can then turn those valves off and finish lifting the other areas. This in turn will typically allow the contractor to achieve a level elevation profile in a controlled manner that is safe for the structure with pinpoint accuracy.  Lifting a structure with bottle jacks is the blind way of doing things.  It's less accurate and puts more stress on the structure.  This method also leaves you no way of documenting hydraulic pressure or force it took to lift the structure.  This often causes more damage to the structure and us more difficult to get accurate results.  For more information and for a free on site consultation contact us today at 214-918-2336.

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