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Master Lift Foundation Repair offers a wide variety of high quality foundation repair and drainage services for both residential, commercial and industrial properties.  We deliver quality without compromise and are recognized and highly regarded as a leader in the structural repair and drainage solution industry.
Master Lift Foundation Repair Contractors are a family owned and operated foundation repair company with over 20 years of experience and we are proud to offer our services to all of our fellow neighbors in and around Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.  The foundation repair industry is demanding, timelines are tight and competition is fierce.  Foundation Repair and Foundation Drainage techniques are constantly evolving and our clients have precise needs.  It’s for these reasons that Master Lift Foundation Repair thrives as a structural repair and foundation drainage contractor in the DFW Metroplex.  We accept every challenge and view them as opportunities for growth and professional advancement for our company and for our clients. 
We’re loyally dedicated to our customers and aim to make each customer a life long client by adding value to the repair process and guarantee 100% satisfaction.  Superior quality, attention to detail, safety and a partnering approach define our blueprint for every foundation repair project.  We believe in sound communication and proper project management.  Whether our foundation repair projects are residential or commercial, large or small, they all follow the same systems and procedures.  We want our clients to completely understand the repair process and believe our clients have a substantial impact on the success of the project.  We ensure the job gets done right the first time, every time.  You’ll be glad you are just as involved in the foundation repair process as we are.  We work side by side with you every step of the way ensuring 100% satisfaction.  
We treat every foundation crack repair project as if it were our own home or commercial property.  With certified Master Lift Foundation Repair Professionals on the job you will be assured your home or commercial property is well taken care of.  Master Lift only employs the most experienced and highly advanced Foundation Repair Technicians and can repair any foundation repair issues you’re experiencing.  Whether your structural repairs are residential home foundation repairs or commercial and building foundation repair problems, concrete slab or crawl space pier and beam, Master Lift Foundation Repair will repair it in a professional and timely manner while keeping your landscaping intact.  We provide the highest quality Foundation Repair Service In Dallas and Fort Worth money can buy at prices that are hard to beat.  We install the strongest Foundation Repair Piers using steel pipe.  We’re very confident in the services we provide and understand that you’re home is your biggest investment and believe it should remain that way, given it’s an invaluable asset. 
We offer financing when needed and a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.  We are happy to schedule an appointment with you at your convenience.  Whether it’s Foundation Repair, French Drains, Crawl Space Repair, Slab Repair, Sagging Foundation or Pier and Beam Repair we get the job done.  We will meet with you, analyze your job requirements and provide you with a free foundation repair quote.  Take advantage of our Free Service Consultation and let us give you a FREE, on the spot, FOUNDATION REPAIR QUOTE.  See for yourself why so many home and business owners in the Greater Dallas And Fort Worth Area have turned to Master Lift Foundation Repair for their foundation repair solutions. 
We provide the highest quality Foundation Repair Service money can buy at prices that are hard to beat.  Along with your FREE FOUNDATION REPAIR QUOTE, we will provide you with a detailed scope of your homes foundation including elevations using our Zip Level.  

Paying too much for Foundation Repair Piers ?

Master Lift Foundation Repair doesn’t pay for celebrity endorsements to boost our sales.  We rely on word of mouth and our many satisfied customers continue to be our greatest salespeople and spread the word.  Thank you for making Master Lift a trusted name in the DFW Foundation Repair Market!  Master Lift continues to make our customers the number one priority and that’s why we continue to be the #1 foundation repair company in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our Foundation Repair Company Dallas


You CAN afford to fix your foundation!  Master Lift Foundation Repair brings structural integrity to residential foundations and commercial building foundations while repairing settling, bowing, cracked, and damaged foundations.  Master Lift repairs your home’s foundation problems therefore restoring your home’s value.  We understand today's economy, and that’s why we’re in the business of helping our fellow tulsans by providing them with the lowest foundation repair costs possible. We offer Guaranteed Financing with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty to back our foundation repairs.  This ensures confidence and peace of mind for you and those that come after you.                                                                  

How Master Lift Foundation Repair Fort Worth works

We don't use a “one size fit’s all” approach to fix your home foundation problems; we utilize the newest and latest foundation repair technology & equipment the industry has to offer.  We provide excellent customer service in foundation repair and french drains to all of our Dallas and Fort Worth, TX customers.
Foundation settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil or clay, improperly compacted fill soils, or from poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation.  Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a home or building’s value and even render it unsafe or unlivable.
Master Lift Foundation Repair stabilizes failing or settling foundations, repairs cracked walls, cracked concrete slabs, and reinforces settling foundations with our proven and fully warranted pier foundation systems designed by professional engineers. Our Foundation Repair Process has been tested and proven time and time again.
Master Lift Foundation Repair leads Dallas,  and all surrounding DFW areas in foundation repair stabilization and is fully equipped with the most complete team of foundation repair technicians and support staff in the industry.
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